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Dr. Mary Bove, Herbalist, Author and Naturapathic Physician Will Speak in Savannah Tuesday,  September 26 from  7-9 p.m. 

Topic: Sleep Well, Stay Well

We've partnered with Gaia Herbs to host this Lecture with Dr. Mary Bove  at 7:00 p.m., so mark your calendars and sign up now! One of the pioneers of the herbal resurgence that began in the 1970's.  More than 40 years of herbal experience, with 25  as a naturopathic physican and midwife.  Read her bio here and read more about lecture here...

August Store Sales Up & Running  Review here...

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Ray's Back! Health Screenings Sept 27

Ray Fritsch of Medical Screening Services will be back at Brighter Day on Wednesday, September 27 (9-12 noon)  offering our customers a variety of important tests to monitor C-Reactive Protein & Homocysteine levels, hormone levels, food sensitivities, brain and heart; and more. 

 Here's how it works:  you sign up at Brighter Day now, then come down on September 27 for the test.  You will receive the results in about a week  It's cash or check only, payable to Medical Screening Services.  Here's a list of some of the most popular tests.  He has added the important Hep C and Hep C PCR tests.

DIY Cosmetics Workshop at Brighter Day

Sign up at store now!

Medical Qigong Training August 26 & 27 with Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.

Wonderful opportunity for Savannah Community to learn powerful wellness tools to use for a lifetime!  Breathing exercises; gentle movements & body postures; self-massage techniques; mental focus practices, including mindfulness meditation.

Roger Jahnke is a doctor of Chinese Medicine with 40 years of clinical practice, including 9 research tours to China, where he studied ancient healing traditions.  Read more about the teacher and the event here.

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Our Promise to You!

Peter and I are still committed to the same principles that guided us when we opened almost 38 years ago: integrity, promotion of healthy living, service to our community and sustainability for our planet.  We will continue to be on the cutting edge of our industry, bringing you new products and new information that will enable you to eat well and be healthy and happy.
                                                          Janie & Peter

What's New at Brighter Day
Visit our library of You Tube videos featuring lectures and videos of top nutritional experts. Brighter Day is dedicated to helping you stay informed about health matters.

A Podcast is the newest technology allowing you to either listen directly off your computer or to transfer the lecture to your I - Pod or any MP3 player. Enter here to a new library of audio lectures on Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and much more !

Herb Pharm's Therepeutic Herb Manual
Ed Smith Herbalist and owner of Herb Pharm has just made his Therepeutic Herb Manual available. This is an excellent reference tool on individual herbal extracts and combinations. To review the book click here: 

Click above for information about our new line of Herbal extracts and Flower Essences made locally by Joseph Buttimer.

Lecture information in PDF format.

This is the place to go to get more detailed information about the products we carry. This will link you to many of our favorite manufacturers websites.  When you're ready to order, just come back to our site, or if you desire more info, come in and talk to our knowledgeable staff.

Click above to enter the recipe chamber - our website has 100‘s of them on the top part of the website but we thought you might like some more. Each link goes to the recipe page of many of our favorite companies. Enter this section to get even more great ideas for your kitchen and to delight your family and friends. We have a gluten free recipe section here also !

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Do you have allergies? Millions of people develop allergies in their lifetime. But why?

Back-to-School Tips … for Parents
A critical lesson for parents to master as their kids return to school: Cut them some slack.
Brighter Day Natural Foods Health Tips
Does your skin need help?
Does your skin need a little help? First of all think about taking a high quality multi-vitamin/mineral formula each day…vitamins A,C,and E are essential to healthy skin but B complexes and amino acids are also critical. In the winter months in climates where indoor heating is a must our skin can take a big hit of dehydration. So, drink plenty of mineral rich waters and teas and keep your skin moisturized with natural products that prevent moisture loss. But be sure that your moisturizers are non-pore-clogging. Fatty acids, or essential fatty acids are important to protect the skin against the effects of aging so eat foods rich in natural oils. If your body does not process oils well you might want to add a fat digesting enzyme such as Lipase to your routine. Plant enzymes are wonderful helpers to keep your body functioning more appropriately. Collagen too is important so include vitamin C rich foods along with your protein drinks and protein rich foods. ... more

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