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Latest News from Brighter Day...

Welcome Spring!

**EASTER SUNDAY, April 01, 2018**
Brighter Day Natural Foods will be CLOSED all day.
Enjoy the festivities, stay safe, and we'll see you 
MONDAY, April 02!

Community Events:

Robin Murphy is coming to Savannah to teach a one day
Medical Qigong Workshop

WHEN : Saturday, April 07 2018
9:30 am to 5:30 pm
WHERE : Villa Maria Center
6 Dolan Drive
Savannah, Georgia 31406
COST : $99 one one day seminar
$75 early registration by
March 21, 2018

For more information and to register CONTACT:

Noel Szychowski
12 Parkersburg Court
Savannah, GA 31406
Telephone: 912-484-0675

* * *

Seasonal Allergy Sufferer?

Take a look at Dr. Tieraona Low Dog's suggestions for natural approaches to help battle seasonal allergies.

Come Celebrate EARTH DAY in Forsyth Park!

The Savannah Earth Day Festival is
Saturday, April 21 from 11 am - 4 pm
There will be children's activities, lectures, and environmental education on how you can 
every day Earth Day

Brighter Day's Deli and Juice Bar walk-up window
will be open for a quick, healthy lunch! 
We'd love to see you there!

* * *

There's plenty of ways to make every day Earth Day.
If you need some ideas, check out these sites for some good ideas to help you take better care of our Mother:

5 Ways that Can Help Make Every Day Earth Day
Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day
Why Every Day Should be Earth Day

* * *

April is Stress Awareness Month!

Life starts to pick up in the Spring. There's plenty of activities vying for our attention: sports, gardening, weddings, graduations. Adding all of this to an already busy schedule can pile on the stress and stress, as we know, can take a toll on our bodies and minds. If you find yourself needing a bit of help this month, stop by our vitamin aisle and speak to one of our supplement specialists about our selection of stress help formulas.

Take some time for yourself. Make yourself a cup of tea, sit outside, read a book, go for a walk. You can also do a bit of reading on a some natural ways to help your body manage stress. Here are a few links to get you started:

10 Natural Tips to Beat Chronic Stress
8 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress
Terry Talks Nutrition: Live Without Anxiety or Stress

*  *  *

* Use these recipes with your own health needs in mind. 
Substitute any questionable ingredients with what you and your family require. 
As always, when in doubt, leave it out!

As you know, what you eat plays a significant role in how you feel. These links are all about foods that may help your body naturally fight anxiety and stress. You can find pretty much all of them here, at Brighter Day!

* * *

Check out our Vitamin and our Storewide Sales on the following pages. All deals are good through April 30

View our Vitamin Sales HERE

View our Storewide Sales HERE

*  *  *

Join Our Brighter Day Community!

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, sign up for our newsletters. We'll keep you informed about everything going on at the store, answer questions, talk about free stuff as well as current sales; and let you know about lectures, events, demos, tastings.  We update frequently.

Our Promise to You!

Peter and I are still committed to the same principles that guided us when we opened almost 38 years ago: integrity, promotion of healthy living, service to our community and sustainability for our planet.  We will continue to be on the cutting edge of our industry, bringing you new products and new information that will enable you to eat well and be healthy and happy.
                                                          Janie & Peter

What's New at Brighter Day
Visit our library of You Tube videos featuring lectures and videos of top nutritional experts. Brighter Day is dedicated to helping you stay informed about health matters.

A Podcast is the newest technology allowing you to either listen directly off your computer or to transfer the lecture to your I - Pod or any MP3 player. Enter here to a new library of audio lectures on Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and much more !

Herb Pharm's Therepeutic Herb Manual
Ed Smith Herbalist and owner of Herb Pharm has just made his Therepeutic Herb Manual available. This is an excellent reference tool on individual herbal extracts and combinations. To review the book click here: 

Click above for information about our new line of Herbal extracts and Flower Essences made locally by Joseph Buttimer.

Lecture information in PDF format.

This is the place to go to get more detailed information about the products we carry. This will link you to many of our favorite manufacturers websites.  When you're ready to order, just come back to our site, or if you desire more info, come in and talk to our knowledgeable staff.

Click above to enter the recipe chamber - our website has 100‘s of them on the top part of the website but we thought you might like some more. Each link goes to the recipe page of many of our favorite companies. Enter this section to get even more great ideas for your kitchen and to delight your family and friends. We have a gluten free recipe section here also !

Stories Brought to You by Brighter Day
Kids & Calcium: Build Strong Bones
We've all heard that milk does a body good, but so do all dairy products, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, and other foods that are rich in calcium.

Just One Concussion Could Raise Parkinson's Risk
If you've ever had a mild concussion, your risk of developing Parkinson's disease goes up by 56 percent, a new study of more than 300,000 U.S. veterans suggests.
Brighter Day Natural Foods Health Tips
Poisonous popcorn?
Make fresh popcorn the old fashioned way – with a pot, stove, kernels, a little oil and a lot of shaking. Microwaveable popcorn bags are coated with suspected cancer-causing perfluorinated chemicals. Stove-popping is just one way to avoid contact with the countless chemicals we’re exposed to daily.

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