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We offer over 4,100 kosher products on our 145 kosher product shopping pages - click here. This list continues to grow.  We will keep you updated as it does. If you need non food items or non-kosher products, please see the entire shopping list on the other pages

Sample list of companies carrying kosher products:

SOLGAR has strict kosher certifications KOF-K. Here is a partial list of kosher Solgar vitamins available from Brighter Day.
Click here for a list of all available Solgar certified kosher vitamins and herbs.

Bluebonnet kosher vitamins

Bluebonnet Nutrition
has strict kosher certifications KOF-K. Here is a partial list of kosher Bluebonnet products available from Brighter Day.
Click here for a list of all available Bluebonnet certified kosher vitamins.

Brighter Day - Herbal Extracts - our new line of Herbal Extracts are manufactured by one of the finest manufacturer's of herbal extracts in the nation and are now Kosher Certified.

Peter's Acute Immune - is my custom made formula and one of the most popular products sold at Brighter Day contains a potent combination of the best anti-viral, anti-bacterial and lymphatic stimulating herbs found. Highly effective ! (put in juice - the flavor is intense)

Cold and Sinus Blaster - this formula is another one of our favorites. It contains horseraddish and herbs to open up the sinus cavities and get the mucous flowing and out. You literally can feel it opening your sinuses in less than a minute.

Kava - the stress and relaxation herb from the south pacific islands

Other Brighter Day Herbal Combinations

Earthrise Spirulina Products



Tinkyada Gluten Free Pasta - This is a great tasting line of Gluten free pastas Kosher Canadian ( Toronto ) certification.

Gluten Free Pantry - Lots of Gluten free mixes such as piecrusts

Glutino - Gluten free bars and lots more

Energy Foods - Gluten free mixes and breads

Namaste - great tasting gluten free baking mixes - the spice cake and brownie mixes even the gluten eating folks will love these !

Quinoa - an ancient grain from Peru that is gluten free cooks quick - use it like rice and its the highest protein containing grain in the world.

Pamela's Brownie Mix


Arrowhead Mills - Line of organic grains, cereals, peanut butters, baking mixes including gluten free and more.

Baby's Own Organics - Line of Infant and Toddler Formula's

Back to Nature - Cookies and Crackers that are all natural and taste scrumptious. Great alternative to junk food !

Bionaturae - Fine line of quality organic italian pastas made so the pasta sauce sticks to the pasta - one of our favorite lines !

Blue Diamond - line of almond crackers and almond milks

Bob's Red Mill - Baking flours, mixes, flaxmeal - lots of products for baking.

Bragg's - organic cider vinegar and liquid amino's ( a soy sauce substitute)


Cliff Bars - energy bars for athletic activities

Country Choice - great tasting line of cookies that are healthy but taste like your favorite junk foods.

Crofter's Preserves - a high quality line of fruit spreads, jams, and jellys

Dagoba Chocolate Bars

Eden Foods - Full line of organic canned beans, grains, pasta's and macrobiotic foods

Endangered Species Chocolate - Line of fine chocolate's - profits support endangered wildlife.

Envirokidz - line of breakfast cereals made for children

Equal Exchange - line of coffee and chocolate - fair trade, organic

Deboles Pasta - made with jerusalem artichokes - great flavor these pastas contain gluten.

Frontier Herbs - Line of vanilla extracts, salt & spice mixtures, saffron, bacon substitutes, bulk cinnamon and more

Gourmet Artisan - extra virgin olive oil

Aunt Gussies  - wheat free - spelt buscotti and spelt cookies

I.M. Healthy - soynut butter - peanut butter alternative for allergic kids

Jennies - coconut macaroons - yummie !!

Larabars - snack bars made with fruit and nuts

Lotus Brands Rice - gourmet exotic rices - red rice and black rice

Marantha Nut Butters - from Oregon - peanut, almond, cashew nut butters

Mi-Del - cookie line - great ginger snaps and vanilla wafers

Nana's - jumbo cookie line

Nature's Path - full line of natural breakfast cereals and snack bars

Oetker Baking Mixes - made in Canada this brand makes great cake mixes, bisquit mixes, pancake's ect.

Pacific Foods - line of nut milks and soups

Primal Strips - vegan jerkey in assorted flavors

Rumford Baking Powder - aluminum free baking powders

Ruth's Hemp Foods - line of snack bars and foods made from hemp seed - high protein and omega'3's no THC

San-J - line of tamari, shoyu - soy sauce and rice crackers

Solo Bars - A great tasting snack bar that is designed to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Stretch Island - fruit leather - great no sugar added treat for kids

Teeccino - line of coffee substitutes that you brew in a coffee maker and actually taste really good !

Traditional Medicinals Herbal Teas

Wholesome Sweeteners - line of evaporated cane juice, agave, mollasses and sucanat sweeteners

Yogi Herbs Teas - a high quality herbal beverage tea line


Seventh Generation - Free and Clear liquid Laundry Detergent

Tom's of Maine - kosher natural personal care products

The purchase of  products that we sell on our website, including sale items, earns your synagogue or favorite Jewish organization 5% of your purchase price. At the time of check out, in the space provided above the payment information, type in the Jewish organization and city where you want us to send the donation based upon the amount of your order. 

If you have any questions contact Audrey:
Phone: 912-691-2116 Home or 912-507-1500 Cell

Each of the kosher products we sell on this part of our website has a kosher certification. For a list of generally recognized kosher certifications - click the following:

Chicago Rabinical Council

Please be aware that, although each of our kosher products may have a generally recognized kosher certification from the Chicago Rabbinical Council list, if one of our kosher products is not on that list, or if you have any questions about a heksher on that list or a heksher not on that list, please check with your rabinical sources.

Kashrus Magazine - The magazine dedicated to Kosher Living

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