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Suzy Cohen

Suzy Cohen Tells You About Side Effects from Drug Muggers
More Suzy Cohen

Dr. Braverman

Dr. Braverman
Reverse Aging of the Entire Brain and Body
Hormones, Neurotransmitters, and the Brain
Interview (Part 1)
You're only as young as your oldest part
Brain Health Assessment: The Path to Life Extension

Part 1 - defining Fibromyalgia
Part 2 - Sleep Issues

Part 3 - Hormonal Support

Part 4 - Infection

Part 5 - Nutrition

Part 6 - Pain and Exercise

Part 7 - A simple treatment plan

Chronic Pain
Thyroid Disorders
Arthritis Relief
Migraine Headaches
Heart Health
High Blood Pressure
Spastic Colon - Irritable Bowel
Is the Medical Profession on Drugs ?

Dr. Lyon

This is the complete 1+ hour lecture on the nutritonal treatment of ADD/ADHD by Dr. Michael Lyon
This second video is an 8 minute segment on using L-Theanine to treat ADD/ADHD taken from Pat Robertson's news show on Christian TV

Heart Health
Breast Health - Estrogen Dominance
Peri-Menopause  Menopause
Stress and Adrenal Health
Thyroid Health
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Black Cohosh
HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy Alternatives

Dr. MercolaDr Joseph Mercola
1 hour lecture on vitamin D
5 tips to lower High Blood Pressure - 6 min
Menopause Video

David WinstonDavid Winston - Master Herbalist
Herb Walk - Part One
Herb Walk - Part Two

A general interview with Susun Weed.
part 2 of the interview
part 3 of the interview
part 4 of the interview
part 5 of the interview

Dr. Steven SinatraDr Steven Sinatra - is one of the top nutritionally oriented cardiologists in the nation.Dr Sinatra - Daily Path

Dr. David Perlmutter - is a neurologist practicing in Naples, FL - he is considered one of the top nutritionally oriented physicians in the nation dealing with brain disorders such as parkinsons disease.
Brain Lecture part 1
Better Brain Lecture part 2
Better Brain Lecture part 3
Better Brain Lecture part 4

Glutathione Therapy for Parkinson's Disease - part 1
Glutathione Therapy for Parkinson's Disease - part 2

Jarrow Formulas
Citicholine - Brain support formula

Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan -
Author of the Omnivore's Dilema

TED - inspiring video of a brain scientist who had a stroke

TED - the website for inspiration

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