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All tinctures and essences are handmade and wildcrafted or organic. The minimum quality of alcohol used is VSOP brandy.

I usually time the creation of these wonderful plant remedies with the Moon. Bottle them on the new moon and decant them on the full moon. Most of the tinctures are in the jar for a year before decanting them. The flower essences are usually made on eclipses to try to incorporate the extra energy. The tinctures are:

MIMOSA FLOWER AND BARK (albizzia julibrissin)
This tree is called the "Collective Happiness Tree" in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is used especially for heartbreaking grief as well as insomnia,anxiety,and depression. One herbalist has said that taken once an hour it is "teflon for the brain--no negative thoughts can stick." In one test patients who were already taking sleep medications were administered Mimosa Tincture along with their regular dosage of sleep meds. These patients were found to sleep longer when Mimosa was included thus leading to the conclusion that the Mimosa INCREASED the effect of the sleep medications. So be aware of this fact if already taking any other medications. There several good writeups on Mimosa(Albizzia)

SPANISH MOSS(tillandsia usneoides)
Spanish Moss is abundant around here and it has a history of use by Native Americans for different reasons. It appears to be a blood regulator . The only company I have found who makes a product from Spanish Moss is Standard Process and they only sell to practitioners.

One of my favorite guinea pigs had this to say:

The 1-2 drops of Spanish Moss tincture in a big glass of water, then take a sip or gulp seems to work real well for more energy, clarity. Do you think you could market this?

&Another report:

Todd Ballantine reported that "Henry Ford stuffed seats in his 1st Model Ts with this treeline upholstery". Mr. Ballantine also notes that "herbalists use it as tea to relieve rheumatism, abcesses and birth pains."

In the past, doctors prescribed medicines extracted from Spanish moss to treat diabetes. Researchers at Northeast Louisiana University were, in 1998, exploring uses of Tillandsia unsneoides to control blood glucose levels.

Speaking of stuffing with Spanish Moss, my friend Bobby Eason told me that when he started working on Savannah's docks many eons ago Spanish Moss was used as a folk remedy by the old longshoremen. They would stuff their shoes with Spanish Moss to bring their blood pressure down. They also told him you couldn't use it to stuff a hunting dog's bed because it would bring his blood down too much and it wouldn't hunt.

Here is a writeup from Standard Process:



The "Til" refers to the meat of the tillandsia plant in Spanish moss. Spanish moss has a real coarse, fibrous core. We remove that by drying the moss. First we grind it to expose the moisture, then we dry it in a vacuum dryer. Then we put it through a stone flour mill to remove the fiber. So our product contains only the meat of the plant. For-Til B-12 contains a special type of vitamin E. Cap Monroe was a man who lived down in Florida, where Dr. Lee first heard about the plant. Cap was 135 years old when he died. Dr. Lee attributed Cap's longevity to the fact that he drinks tillandsia tea. He would pull the plant off the trees, make tea out of it and drink it. So we formulated this product, and have found it to be excellent. In fact, practically every product we add tillandsia to increases in sales. Obviously, it is very therapeutic.*

We recommend For-Til B-12 for people who are fatigued and always worn-out. It is especially helpful to older patients. The product's effect is due to its high concentration of sex hormone factors.*

Below is a link to more research on Spanish Moss

Most of the folks who I've given it to report an effe* ct as antidepression and mental clarity or as one of the stevedores who uses it stated:" It just gets my mind right, I don't even need all that anger management stuff when I use The Moss."

ROSEMARY (rosemary officianalis)
"Rosemary for remembrance."
This was the first plant planted when we moved to Thunderbolt. This is the best headache remedy in the plant kingdom. Luckily our plants have been flowering like crazy so we have blossom,leaf and branch in the tincture. It also improves blood circulation to the brain and improves memory. At Dr John Andre's suggestion I tried using Bombay Sapphire Gin as the alcohol in place of the brandy. Several people fell in love with that version so I make both brandy and Sapphire base versions.

The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You Should Eat and Why

Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S.
See book keywords and concepts

Rosemary Works Like an Alzheimer's Drug As it turns out in the light of modern science, rosemary contains several compounds that prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter in the brain and one that is needed for memory and healthy brain function. (In fact, one drug used for Alzheimer's—Ariceptâg”works similarly, by interfering with acetylcholine breakdown.) Besides being used widely as a culinary herb, rosemary frequently lends its distinctive fragrance to soaps and cosmetics.

Passionflower is a nervine and is one of the few plants that calm without making you sleepy. This one is trying to take over our yard. Not only are the beautiful purple blooms appearing in the jasmine hedge and the fences we planted it on in the garden, it's also popping up in the Rosemary garden around the garden swings, in the middle of the yard, just everywhere.
Passionflower is very good for stress especially for Type A folks. The site below details its use in treating fibromyalgia



RHODIOLA(rhodiola rosacea)
This is one of the great adaptogens of the world. Much research and development on Rhodiola R. by the USSR for its olympic athletes,astronauts, and special forces. It used to be only found in Siberia--now it is being planted in Scandinavia and Canada also due to its incredible properties.
This adaptogen works at least 5 different ways on the body. It protects the brain,heart and reproductive organs. It was once a traditional wedding day gift to newlyweds in Siberia for long life and fertility.
It is an impotence cure,an anti depressant and booster of stamina and endurance. One Russian study stated they could take a sedentary lifestyle person and raise them to the level of a low-level trained athlete just with Rhodiola. People with high stress jobs mentally and physically and with difficult hours find it a benefit.
Here are a number of links below for much more information:


This is the first tincture I was introduced to By Sarah. She made it for me when I was suffering from fever blisters.
Licorice has anti-viral properties which makes it one of the few herbs,along with Olive Leaf, that can attack viruses.
Licorice is 100 times sweeter than sugar and is used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Most people who think they do not like licorice are actually confusing it with Anise which is used in candy that is billed as "licorice".
I hardly ever get fever blisters anymore,but if I feel one starting up on my lip all I have to do is start taking Licorice Tincture under my tongue and they will never break the surface. Licorice is wonderful.
It is also sometimes used by Fibromyalgia sufferers to bring up their blood pressure. That is one of the only possible "side effects" of licorice--it can raise blood pressure if used too much.

Schizandra is called "the Chinese women's health and beauty secret". It is an adaptogen which acts in several different ways on the body to help deal with stress. It also boosts stamina and concentration and is a sexual stimulant and especially helpful for menopausal women according to folklore and research. Because of its "five flavors" taste I definitely take this one in some water although some friends like its taste.
It is very helpful with skin problems and several people have reported to me about problem skin areas clearing up and hair looking and feeling nicer. In Russia Schizandra is registered as medicine for vision problems.
The list of benefits and treatments using Schizandra just goes on and on.
The largest use for Schizandra in this country is for racehorses. It has been found to increase their speed by 1/4 to 1/2 second,which doesn't sound like much until you look at the race results for the derby,Preakness,etc. It means a LOT.
Here is a nice writeup on it and some other links:

Here is a good writeup on the Traditional Chines Medicine us of Schizandra by Ron Teegarten

For PMS symptoms,perimenopausal symptoms,uterine remedy.

Whole books have been written on this versatile plant. Interestingly ,dried ginger and fresh ginger are both effective ,but with different substances so it is good to combine dried and fresh root to get all the best properties of the plant.
Ginger works better than Dramamine in motion sickness tests. It is good for nausea,morning sickness,flatulence, and it is anti-inflammatory.

Peter orders this seed from Ryan Drum who hand harvests it, and it is really some of the best available.
Nettle Seed is a great kidney remedy,however it seems to be most popular with my college age customers. Turns out Nettle Seed boosts the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. This sharpens the mind and helps with studying and test taking.
David Winston of Herbalist Alchemist, one of the top herbalists in the country,writes:

Nettle Seed
Nettle Seed is the least known part of Nettles. In Europe, the seed is used as a restorative tonic for old and worn out horses. More than 10 years ago, I discovered Nettle Seed could be used as a kidney trophorestorative-literally a food for the kidneys. I have used the seed tincture to treat over 30 cases of degenerative kidney disease and the results have far exceeded my expectations. A recent study published in the Journal of The American Herbalist Guild [4(2):22-25] confirms my clinical experience, showing that Nettle Seed increases kidney glomerular function and reduces serum creatinine levels. Many herbalists have seen significant benefits from using Nettle Seed tincture in patients with glomerulonephritis, chronic nephritis with degeneration, and to protect the kidneys from nephrotoxic medications.

Nettle Seed is also used to treat exhaustion and several night shift folks at the port have found it useful to get them through the night.


    Nettle root has been found to be excellent for the prostate. It has different actions from Saw Palmetto so it works well in combination with it.
    One anecdotal example: A friend on the docks who has been bald for 20 years complained of prostate problems so I gave him some Nettle Root tincture to try. About 3 weeks later he came up to and said:"Let me tell you about your Nettle Root,bud. I'm gonna be pissed if I have to start paying for haircuts after 20 years!" He was laughing as he said this as he showed me the new fuzz growing on his head.
    Turns out Nettle Root helps to promote free testosterone in the form we most need it to be.Here's an excerpt explaining it and a link to the article:


    Nettle Root Extract
    About 90% of testosterone is produced by the testes, the remainder by the adrenal glands. Testosterone functions as an aphrodisiac hormone in brains cells, and as an anabolic hormone in the development of bone and skeletal muscle. But testosterone that becomes bound to serum globulin is not available to cell receptor sites and fails to induce a libido effect. It is, therefore, desirable to increase levels of "free testosterone" in order to ignite sexual arousal in the brain.

    A hormone that controls levels of free testosterone is called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). When testosterone binds to SHBG, it loses its biological activity and becomes known as "bound testosterone," as opposed to the desirable "free testosterone." As men age past year 45, SHBG's binding capacity increases almost dramatically-by 40% on average-and coincides with the age-associated loss of libido.

    Some studies show that the decline in sexual interest with advancing age is not always due to the amount of testosterone produced, but rather to the increased binding of testosterone to globulin by SHBG. This explains why some older men who are on testosterone replacement therapy do not report a long-term aphrodisiac effect. That is, the artificially administered testosterone becomes bound by SHBG, and is not bioavailable to cellular receptor sites where it would normally produce a libido-enhancing effect.

    It should be noted that the liver also causes testosterone to bind to globulin. This liver-induced binding of testosterone is worsened by the use of sedatives, anti-hypertensives, tranquilizers and alcoholic beverages. The overuse of drugs and alcohol could explain why some men do not experience a libido-enhancing effect when consuming drugs and plant-based aphrodisiacs. An interesting review, "How Desire Dies" (Nature, 381/6584, 1996), discusses how frequently prescribed drugs, such as beta-blockers and antidepressants, cause sexual dysfunction. Prescription drugs of all sorts have been linked to inhibition of libido.

    Logically, one way of increasing libido in older men would be to block the testosterone-binding effects of SHBG. This would leave more testosterone in its free, sexually activating form.

    A highly concentrated extract from the nettle root provides a unique mechanism for increasing levels of free testosterone. Recent European research has identified constituents of nettle root that bind to SHBG in place of testosterone, thus reducing SHBG's binding of free testosterone. As the authors of one study state, these constituents of nettle root "may influence the blood level of free, i.e. active, steroid hormones by displacing them from the SHBG bindings site."

    The prostate gland also benefits from nettle root. In Germany, nettle root has been used as a treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlargement of the prostate gland) for decades. A metabolite of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) stimulates prostate growth, leading to enlargement. Nettle root inhibits the binding of DHT to attachment sites on the prostate membrane.

    Nettle extracts also inhibit enzymes such as 5 alpha reductase that cause testosterone to convert to DHT. It is the DHT metabolite of testosterone that is known to cause benign prostate enlargement, excess facial hair and hair loss at the top of the head.

BLUE WATER LILY (nymphaea cerulea)
This flower was found all over the tomb of King Tut. It is depicted in hieroglyphics on the walls of temples and pyramids and was a plant sacred to the ancient Egyptians.Some people have confused it with the Blue Lotus because of litereary references over the centuries.
The Blue Water Lily has several viagra-like properties and it promotes intimacy and communication. It was featured in the BBC program Sacred Weeds.
Meditators report a feeling of warmth going up the back of their head and the crown chakra opening. So this plant appears to work on the physical,emotional and spiritual levels.

Here are some links for more info on this ancient sacred plant

Kava is a muscle relaxer supreme. It is used for many different properties such as pain reliever,stress reduction, sleep aid,aphrodisiac qualities and even by body builders as shown in this link:
There has been some controversy in the mainstream press about side effects of kava overuse such as liver problems,but these have been shown to be inaccurate for this centuries-old use of this Pacific region plant.

One of the nice properties of Kava is it has immediate rather than cumulative effect and one does not build up resistance to it--you can use the same amount or dose never needing to increase it.

Maca has been called the "Peruvian Ginseng" and "Peruvian Viagra". It is also being touted by raw food experts as one of natures "superfoods". It has been used as a folk remedy for stamina,energy and sexual function.
Maca has been found to help with menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.
Maca has no toxicity at all and benefits the body overall in many ways. It works and it tastes nice,too. Here are several links to articles with glowing reports on Maca's benefits.

“Maca Root: Modern Rediscovery Of An Ancient
Andean Fertility Food”

Muira Puama translates as "potency wood" and has been used as libido and erectile remedy by native tribe in South America for centuries.

Flower Essences

The most well known flower essences are the Bach Flower remedies from England. The most famous of these is Rescue Remedy, a combination of 5 of the Bach Flower Essences. I have seen people having panic attacks pulled right out of them and returned to a calm state by the use of Rescue Remedy.
The Savannah area is blessed with an abundance of flowering plant life. I have told Sarah that I'm going to have a sign made naming our Thunderbolt home "THE PLANTING NEVER STOPS" .
I try to use the information taught by Dr Robin Murphy to make these essences as powerful as I can.
The essences are:

This beautiful climbing vine has huge white night-blooming blossoms that smell wonderful. I had no idea what this flower essence would be for when I made it. It was just so beautiful spreading over one fence of our garden that it seemed to call to me to make an essence of it.
The opportune moment arrived the night of a full moon eclipse on a Monday. This seemed to be perfect--a Moonflower blooming under a full Moon on a Monday(moon's day) AND an eclipse.
I sent this remedy out to a doc who is great at determining the use of these essences and this is what he sent back to me:

".....And, to let you know that I had that Moon Flower homeo come up as an indicated treatment for the emotional weakness patterns which allows parasites to live in the human body. The impact of that homeo was nothing short of astounding ....."

Warm Regards, John

John D. Andre, D.C., N.D. "

I thought about this and I realized the Moon rules emotions so that part made sense to me. Then I went back to one of Dr Robin Murphy's lectures and found that the Moon also rules worms and parasites.These plants continue to amaze me.
Of course, the Moon rules much more than emotions and parasites so this essence will be helpful in other areas also.
As Dr Rosita Arvigo says: The plants are here to help us and they want to help--we just have to ask.

The Azalea bushes on our property were planted about 50 years ago and they are a large hedge now. Here is one person's experience with the essence:

Hi Joseph

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I love the azaleaessence! My experience with it was this: it allowed me to speak mymind,find my voice, say things in a way that were more easily heard(especiallydifficult things). I don't know if it gave me the confidence to saythingsthat have been on my mind, or made me not be able to hold it in any
longer -something like that. I couldn't NOT say anything any more. It alsohelpedme not engage in fights or battles, but speak calmly andauthoritatively.

Great stuff! I need more!


Michael Warshaw's take on this one:


Azalea Flower Essence: Rebirthing,opening up emotionally,blooming.

Here is a list of Michael's thoughts on some of the essences:
Ok Michael here's what I wrote down of what you said:
1.Oak Flower Essence:for skin,hives,reduce inflammation,allergy relief.
2. Sweet Gum Flower Essence: for emotional fear,needing support.
3.Blackberry Flower Essence: Ligament support.(this one I've found works wonderfully for the "terrible two's" one young mother won't leave home without it lol)
4. Lavender Flower Essence: Antiviral,vessel purification,meditation.
5. Fringe Bush Flower Essence:Structural,emotional,clear vision for highest good (you got excited about this one).
6. Wisteria Flower Essence: Build inner strength and stamina.
7. Yellow Jasmine Flower Essence: Emotional--DEALING WITH THE TRUTH.
8.Azalea Flower Essence: Rebirthing,opening up emotionally,blooming.
9. Rosemary Flower Essence: Preserving integrity of organs;preserving sanity through emotional and physical stress.
10.Clematis Flower Essence: inner strength,"soft shoe" strength,stand in own truth comfortably.
11. Red Amaryllis Flower Essence: strength to get up and go,stand up and open mouth.
12. Pink and White Amaryllis: open mouth with temperance.

Basil Positive qualities:
Integration of sexuality and spirituality into a sacred wholeness.
Patterns of imbalance:
Polarization of sexuality and spirituality, often leading to clandestine behavior or marital stress.

Sweet Basil is a religious herb associated with both Krishna and Vishnu. Hindus grow this herb to provide protection for the home and family. Any person in need of courage will benefit form Basil as it builds strength and helps one move forward in a positive manner. Basil is known for its quality of protecting the seeker from fears that one encounters when moving along a spiritual path and may bring protection to the seeker and their family as well.

The soul in need of Basil tends to polarize and separate the experience of spirituality and sexuality, believing that these cannot be integrated. This affliction is most evident in relationships where there is a compulsive need to seek sexual liaisons outside the main partnership. Quite often sexual activity is associated with that which is secret or sinful. There is also a very strong attraction to pornography and other forms of illicit or illegal sexuality. The soul feels great tension between the polarities of spiritual purity and physical sexuality.

In the unconscious struggle to reconcile these forces, the soul often capitulates to or becomes enmeshed in debasing and dehumanizing sexual activity. Once these polarities are brought together as a conscious unity, the soul no longer feels compelled to separate them into opposing and destructive activities. Basil flower essence helps the soul to experience the world and the Self as truly sacred and whole.
- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz


Blackberry Positive qualities:
Exuberant manifestation in the world; clearly directed forces of will, decisive action.
Patterns of imbalance:
Inability to translate goals and ideals into concrete action or viable activities.

Blackberry flower remedy helps the person who cannot make a viable connection with the will. The soul has many lofty visions and desires but is unable to translate these into concrete manifestations. Such persons are often quite perplexed about the gap between their aims and what they actually accomplish. They give much consideration to their intentions, but lack the ability to organize these thoughts into specific priorities, or to manifest and execute such goals.

Such persons often have a great deal of light around the head, which does not radiate and circulate throughout the body. The blood is often sluggish, as is the entire lower metabolism. As the light comes more into the limbs, the soul feels greater inner power to take real action in the world and to translate what is spiritual into actual change in the world. Blackberry flower essence bestows this radiant, awakened light to the will-life of the human soul.

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz
another blackberry writeup:

BUTTERFLY BUSH [G] Buddleia davidii (lilac with orange "eye")
Loganiaceae, Strychnine Family (or Buddlejaceae, Buddleia Family)

Body: Eases depression from physical limitations. In those with disabilities or wheelchair-bound, facilitates flow of chi through other pathways if most common channels are blocked. Stimulates new neural pathways in the brain. Brings joy to being in a body; take before going dancing! Relaxes bowels; releases stress, performance anxiety.
Psyche: Enhances joy, harmony, creative fun; working through blocks interfering with spontaneous expression of joyous life force. Brings confidence to creativity for those too rigid, self-limiting, shamed as not "good enough" creatively, and children with too-high self-standards for art; releases the "I can't do it!" stranglehold, brings contentment with one's abilities. Allows one to relax and have fun with children, or one's own childlike self.
Increases ability to find relationship between disparate parts—elements of music, mathematics, etc.—to see overall effect. Enhances beauty in creativity through sound and movement.

Positive qualities:
Awake, focused presence; manifesting inspiration in practical life; embodiment.
Patterns of imbalance:
Avoidance of the present by daydreaming; other-worldly and impractical ideals.
    The soul in need of Clematis flower essence has a strong inner life; the ability to image and dream is particularly well-developed. But these capacities are so strong that they overwhelm and distort the soul's connection with the body and the concrete physical world. This results in a personality that is overly dreamy, lacking a vibrant emotional and physical presence in the here-and-now. Thus the great talents of the Clematis flower essence types are largely untapped, and physical illness easily takes hold of the body because the warm forces of ego are lacking.

In extreme states, such soul will be attracted to drugs, particularly psychotropic drugs, in order to continue the soul's addiction to disincarnated psychic activity. Clematis flower essence helps such persons to realize that the great gifts within them can be constructively channeled into the physical world; in this way the soul forces grow warmer, richer, and more present for others.

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz

Dill Positive qualities:
Spiritual surrender at death or at times of deep transformation; opening the heart to the spiritual world.
Patterns of imbalance:
Fear of death, resistance to letting go of life or to crossing the spiritual threshold; denial of the reality of the spiritual world.

Dill is useful for those who desire strength of the mind and of the will. It provides a link between the two and promotes good energy which is useful in accomplishing one’s desires.

The cacophony of modern living conditions can stun, and even stifle the sensory capacities of most persons. With the advent of the technological age, the soul is literally bombarded with countless sense impressions-what one sees, hears, tastes, smells, and touches in the course of a day can be quite staggering.
Soul hygiene requires that these sensorial impressions be assimilated; otherwise psychic indigestion and nervous overwhelm result. In prior times, those who wished to develop spiritually sought remote environments and ascetic living conditions which diminished sensorial stimulation and freed the soul for higher spiritual work.

Dill flower essence helps to harmonize the psychic life within the context of daily work and modern living. Through Dill flower, the soul learns not only to discriminate and regulate sense experience, but even more importantly to allow the sense life itself to become a vehicle for enlightenment. Rather than being dulled and subdued, the senses can be refined and clarified, becoming ever more luminous and transparent.
By consciously encountering sensory experience, a new kind of clairvoyance and clairsentience arises in the modern soul. Dill flower essence assists the soul in transforming sensory overwhelm into an ability to perceive the sense world as a manifestation of spiritual archetypes.

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz.
Asteraceae, Sunflower Family [Helianthus Tribe]
Strengthens the immune system to repel invading disease organisms; preventive for colds and flu. In head injuries, provides strong rejuvenation for the crown. Facilitates repair of brain and nerve tissue when possible; use with Comfrey essence to rebuild pathways after stroke.
Spirit: Spiritual aspiration; enhances the ability to connect with Higher Self and God. Powerful essence for crown chakra, opening faculties for interdimensional function. As a shamanic tool and connection link to starry friends, take before meditation on positive ET contact. Useful to establish telepathic contact with higher-dimensional beings: devas, angels, etc.

JASMINE (WHITE)http:JASMINE[G] Jasminum officinale (white)
Oleaceae, Olive Family
Balances mucous production; specific for colitis, gastric enteritis, colonic malabsorption. Stimulates kundalini from the root chakra.
Psyche: Opens the psychological mind to the spiritual life.
Spirit: Expedites spiritual development: consideration and kindness, ability to perceive the Divine within all things. Assists alertness in spiritual practices, inner guidance from unseen beings. Stimulates the wisdom-body to bring through lessons already learned and forgotten

Hibiscus Positive qualities:
Warmth and responsiveness in female sexuality; integration of soul warmth and bodily passion.
Patterns of imbalance:
Inability to connect with one's female sexuality; lack of warmth and vitality, often due to prior exploitation or abuse.

One of the most tragic assaults to the soul dignity of women is the exploitation and commercialization of female sexuality. This deeply wounds the souls of many women so that they no longer feel a warm connection to their sexuality. Often the sexuality is divorced from deeper feelings of love and warmth which come from the heart.

In many cases sexual expression becomes cold and unresponsive, because the Soul can no longer contact this part of the Self and infuse it with love and caring. Hibiscus flower essence helps women to reclaim their sexuality, and to restore these soul forces with vitality and authenticity.

It can aid many women who have been sexually traumatized, and it is also generally beneficial for all modern women who have unconsciously absorbed media images and other stereotypes of dehumanized sexuality.

This remedy is sometimes also indicated for men who need to develop a stronger relationship to feminine warmth and positive sexuality. Hibiscus creates flowing warmth throughout the body and soul, especially healing the sexuality.

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz. T

Lavender Positive qualities:
Spiritual sensitivity, highly refined awareness.
Patterns of imbalance:
Nervousness, overstimulation of spiritual forces which depletes the physical body.

The Lavender flower essence helps those souls who are highly absorbent or spiritual influences. They tend to be very awake and quite mentally active, with a strong attraction to spiritual practices and various forms of meditation. However, they often absorb far more energy than can actually be processed through the body.

“High-strung” and “wound-up” are words typically used to describe such personalities. They especially suffer from afflictions to the head, such as headaches or vision problems, and neck and shoulder tension. They are quite often plagued by insomnia or other nervous maladies.

Lavender first works to sedate and soothe such persons; at a deeper level, it teaches one how to moderate and regulate one’s spiritual-psychic energy. In this way the soul learns to use its highly sensitive capacities in balance with the physical needs of the body.

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz.

Positive qualities:

Sparkling vital force, feeling awake and refreshed, in touch with Life.
Patterns of imbalance:
Dull, toxic, or "hung over," inability to fully enter the body, especially in the morning; addictive habits.

The soul must constantly be on guard to align its astral body with its physical/etheric components. The astral (or star) body is naturally akin to the forces of night, and, if left unregulated, will not hesitate to devour the etheric (or life) body. Individuals with this imbalance typically crave late-night activity and have erratic eating and sleeping rhythms.

The etheric body is more akin to the forces of day-time, especially early morning, and is greatly abused by such astrality. If such abuse continues over a long period of time, the individual will experience increasing difficulty incarnating in the body, not only in the morning, but throughout the day. Unable to use the natural energy of the etheric body, the person will crave stimulants such as caffeine, and in extreme cases, cocaine or amphetamines.

As this astrality continues to predominate, the individual will display increasingly erratic patterns, possibly deteriorating into destructive and violent tendencies. Many levels of physical illness may occur, especially compromised immune response, nerve depletion, and disturbances in vital organs such as the liver.

Morning Glory flower essnce helps the soul come to greater awareness and respect for life and the life process of the body. The individual learns to adjust its rhythm so that it is more in tune with the cycles of Nature. Through Morning Glory, the soul learns to experience more natural states of energy, and thus the gift of life itself.

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz

Positive qualities:
    Balanced strength, accepting limits, knowing when to surrender.
Patterns of imbalance:
Iron-willed, inflexible; over-striving beyond one's limits.

Oak flower essence addresses many positive masculine soul traits of endurance, strength, and perseverance. These are the admirable qualities of the Mars-like hero, but they become a source of illness and dysfunction when they are not balanced with Venusian grace and gentle surrender.

The Oak personality presses the limits of endurance; such persons are capable of enormous achievement. They are able to truly serve and help others because of their tremendous wellspring of willpower. However, this very strength can also become too rigid the unrelenting demands and expectations which they have for themselves eventually take a toll in the physical health and inner happiness of the soul, until finally the individual is forced by circumstances to acknowledge that he/she is not all-powerful.

Oak flower essence teaches such persons the positive attributes of surrender and acceptance of limitation. Through Oak flower essence, the naturally strong capacities of the soul are balanced with the inner feminine Self, which learns to yield and to receive help from others when necessary.

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz

Positive qualities:
Warm physical presence; embodiment; vibrantly incarnated.
Patterns of imbalance:
Forgetfulness, poorly incarnated in body, lacking physical/etheric warmth; higher ego forces which are not integrated with the physical body.
Rosemary flower essence is a strong awakening and incarnating remedy. It is indicated for those souls whose incarnation is weak or disturbed, especially when the higher spiritual or thought facilities cannot work properly through the physical vehicle.

This results in a reduced state of consciousness in the body, with a tendency toward absent-mindedness, forgetfulness, or hypoglycemic tendencies. In particular, the soul forces are lacking in warmth and full-bodied presence. Quite literally, this means that the physical extremities of the body are often cold and devitalized. At a deeper level, this lack of warmth stems form within the soul’s feeling of insecurity in the physical body.

This can sometimes be traced to a karmic disposition of the soul which feels ambivalent about its incarnation and has learned to use its spiritual forces outside the world of physical matter. Very often this soul illness is caused by early childhood trauma, where extreme physical abuse or stress has forced the soul out of the body, so that it no longer trusts its connection with the physical world. Rosemary flower essence gives such persons the ability to feel warm and secure in their bodies. Through these renewed forces, the spirit’s flame burns more brightly in the body and gives its light and consciousness to the physical world.

Rosemary is used to increase one’s ability to remember things. Rosemary may be used to provide protection and courage to those interviewing for a job (perhaps assisting the perspective employer to remember you when making a decision).

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz.


    MIMOSA (albizzia julibrissin)
    Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin): For delivering your truth with clarity and power. Increases intuitive awareness, precise thinking, and sensitivity.
Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata): Attunement to Christ Consciousness. Spiritual balance, tension release. Opens heart and throat chakras; eases tensions in the dream state. Works on the spiritual body and brings sharper visionary states. Allows one to consider life's events with calmness and serenity. Brings stability and eliminates emotional confusion. Easier access to higher states of consciousness whilst remaining stable.
      Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis): Lack of equality in relationships; traumatisation due to sexual abuse; imbalance between male and female sexual needs. Also noted for kids diagnosed with ADD and related hyperactive sensitivities. It is especially good for calming people's reactions to bursts of energy that come into their field and cause the "misbehavior" or inattention. It is calming and helps smooth out the emotions, allowing for greater focus rather than being so scattered.
      Stinging Nettle
      Yellow Jasmine


Here is a nice article on making essences:
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