More Recipes -From Our Favorite Companies

Eden foods - there are 800 great recipes at this link - wow !

Bob‘s Red Mill -
Bob‘s Red Mill produces many different flours and mixes that are normally hard to find such as Spelt and Kamut flours, Pumpernickle and lots of others. The recipe section of his website contains over 1,000 recipes
Vegan Chef - lots of great vegan recipes here

Whole Health MD - a mega website has a large listing of recipes by nutrient, or item and for special diets such as vegan or gluten free. Lots of recipes here !,1461,,00.html

Alive ! - A Canadian Health Magazine has 100‘s of recipes at this site.

Gluten Free Recipes:
The Celiac Sprue Association recipes also more recipes here
The Gluten free kitchen - cooking with Lucy
Gluten free recipes from Whole Health MD website scroll down to the special diet section,1461,,00.html
Recipes from the Gluten Free Pantry Company a great recipe book available online here
Orgran a gluten free company from Australia
Pamela‘s are some of the best tasting cookies and the pancake and baking mix made from almond meal gets rave reviews
Quinoa Recipes -Quinoa is actually not a grain but a seed that cooks, looks and tastes like a grain
Tinkyada Pasta - This is the most popular pasta line we carry for our customers who need or want to be gluten free

Green and Black‘s Chocolate
Several delicious and decadent Chocolate recipes

Lotus Rice - Lots of great recipes using exotic rices from asia - like black rice, red rice and more - check this site out !

Mediterranean Foods 4 good recipies Italian/Greek

Manitoba Hemp Products - over 250 recipies using Hemp Oil and Hemp Seeds and Protein - Hemp tastes buttery and delicious - it is incredibly nutrititious

Mushroom Recipes

Quinoa Recipes - Quinoa is a grain that is grown in Peru that has the highest quantity and quality of protein of any grain. It is gluten free and very easy to cook. Brighter Day carries it packaged and in our bulk department.

Bubbie‘s Pickle Reipe‘s - Bubbie‘s Pickles are really outstanding and we carry them in the refrigerator section. They are Bette Middler‘s favorite. Click here for some great recipe‘s with pickles or sauerkraut in them.
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