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Lectures available by Peter Brodhead, CN

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Nutritional Approach to Support MS Peter gave a talk to the state MS society about the role fats play in inflammation cycles in MS.Discussion of vitamin D, fish oils, B-12 and other nutrients support the management of MS.

Unlocking the Power of Foods Details the individual phytochemicals found in commion foods. A users guide to using food as your medicine.

12 Tissue Salts A practical guide to using the 12 "Cell Salt Remedies."
These mineral remedies have many practical applications in supporting good health.

Diabetes  An article on nutritional aspects of diabetes and how diet and specific nutritional supplements support a person with diabetes.

Basic Rules on How Cancer Behaves Gives a basic simple understanding of ways cancer grows and how you can affect this process through diet.

Weight Loss Tips on how to lose weight through diet and nutrition.

Healing the Gut and Working with Food Allergies Comprehensive article on food elimination and repairing the gut lining as a tool to manage food alergies.

Menopause Nutritional approaches to coping with hot flashes, insomnia, irritability and other symptoms of menopause.

Natural First Aid Remedies How to use herbal and homeopathic remedies for first aid.