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Elaine M. Alexander
Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education

Lessons for physical movement. Works with the neurological system in subtles ways when other traditional methods do not.  Heighten senses, improve physical performance, eliminate pain, improve posture.

More of what the method is

Will travel, do house calls, reasonably priced   


Brunswick, GA
Phone: 912-223-7049
Michael Ard-Kelly
Licensed Acupuncturist
Phone: 354-6767
Marguerite Berrigan
Psych-K Preferred Affiliate & Certified Dream Builder Life Coach

Empower yourself with a method to effect positive change using the subconscious mind, that you control. Your beliefs at both conscious and subconscious levels create your reality. When conscious decisions disagree with subconscious beliefs the result can be failure, frustration, chaos or other problems such as self-sabotage.

Psych-K is a technique using Applied Kinesiology (a.k.a. muscle testing) to identify negative beliefs and replace them with positive, supporting beliefs at the subconscious level.

You can apply Psych-K to any aspect of your life including: relationships, grief/loss, forgiveness, control, victim role, personal power, health/body, spirituality, self-esteem, prosperity consciousness and more.  Use it to release anxiety, stress, bad habits and phobias and to let go of anger and hurt.

You are in control of the process (unlike hypnosis). Let Marguerite guide you through this life-changing, peace-affirming experience. She is a Certified Preferred Affiliate Psych-K Facilitator.

Facebook: Change for Good Coaching
by appointment
2006 Whitaker Street
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: 912-247-6484
Web site:
Dr. Brown
Brown Health Potential Chiropractic
Phone: 447-1885
John A. Caparisos, Ph.D.
EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT is a healing tool that has been described as emotional acupuncture.

527 East. 60th Street
Savannah, GA 3140
Phone: 352-3618
Web site:
Bauer Coslick
Licensed Acupuncturist
Phone: 225-6862
Steven Goldberg, D.C.
Coastal Chiropractic Clinic
Open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
7370 Hodgson Memorial Dr. #E-3
Savannah, GA 31406
Phone: 912-351-0875
Beverly Holt, MPH,RD
Inner Nourishment

Beverly Holt, MPH, RD. lives and practices Homeopathy in Savannah. She services clients internationally as well as in Ashville, North Carolina and Boston, Massachusetts.

A graduate of two schools of Homeopathy, Beverly has developed expertise in using 72 newly introduced homeopathic remedies which treat the physical, mental, emotional and physical bodies. She has also been trained to use the Australian Bush Flower Essences and has served as faculty for these essences in the U.S.

Recently her work has expanded to include treatments for inherited disease such as poor methylation, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. She is a graduate of Enrique Bouron's school of Biological Decoding.

Beverly's work in homeopathy is a second career following faculty appointments at Tufts University and Harvard. Her core work is supporting clients so they may live healthful and satisfying lives.

By Appointment. Monday thru Saturday
305 Virginia Ave
Savannah, GA 31404
Phone: 617-869-2181
Carolyn Guilford
Certified Nutritionist, Wellness Consultant, Health Advocate

Carolyn Guilford, Certified Nutritionist, Wellness Consultant, Health Advocate  -  Author of Health is a Choice!  and Reverse the Curse – Leaving Diabetes Behind.  Columnist "Toward True Health - Savannah Morning News" -  Specializing in care of Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer Clients.

Certified Critical Care Nurse, with 20 years experience – turns to preventive and restorative care, thru nutrition education, consulting and wellness coaching.  Consultations to fit your needs.

Strengthen the body and mind with a holistic approach to food, and matching up a lifestyle for true health, from the inside out. 

Our clients learn firsthand that you can reverse diabetes, restore the heart to healthy and strong, and live  even better after a cancer diagnosis.  Following the new science of clean nutrition, while cleaning up the lifestyle to support health. Our programs are easy with guaranteed success.

The Diabetes Workshop to reverse diabetes begins January, March, May, August, October, call to reserve.

To Get Sarted:

Phone:  912 236-8987

Savannah, GA
Phone: 912 236-8987
Web site:
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